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A little more about me...

I love to solve business problems with smart and strategic marketing.


Prior to starting my own business, I spent my career working with agencies on several Fortune 100 clients before experiencing the “client side” where I got to navigate different org structures and learn the different between people management and mentorship. More recently, I worked with private equity businesses hyper-focused on data-driven marketing strategies and accelerated growth. I used to think this path wasn’t “normal.” Now I believe it's this exposure to a variety of work environments and broad marketing and communications experience that gives me a unique perspective and depth of inspiration to draw from — which ultimately benefits my clients. 

In 2019, I chose to leave my senior-level marketing role to bet on myself and officially started Heather Bartel Consulting so I could do more of what I love most — doing quality work with quality clients. It was the best career decision I've ever made. 


On a personal note, I'm a mom of two and married to my polar opposite. (He doesn't have a single social media account.) I'm always up for an adventure or a hike or you can catch me listening to a favorite podcast or laughing at a silly TikTok video.

Some Personal Favorites

Hiking Spot:
Rockwood Reservation

Sometimes the engagement is muddy, but the views pay off!


Brené Brown & Dorie Clark

I welcome any opportunity to grow my skills and learning something new.

Date Activity: 
Live music

I love to experience new artists

Sports Team:
St. Louis Cardinals

Fun fact! I successfully converted my husband from the Red Sox.

Texas Roadhouse

We're frequent returning customers.

TV Show:
Dawson's Creek

It's a shame that kids today won't know a traditional upbringing sans smart phones.

Here's where you'll find me on social media

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