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Great Marketing Will Accelerate Your Business. 

That's where I come in.

Marketing Strategist & Thought Partner
Strategic. Creative. Passionate. Effective.

If your business needs a boost, you've come to the right site. Here's where I can help:


Let's identify and prioritize what you need to do versus trying to do everything all at once, and get more efficient about driving desired results. 


Hire me and confidently hand off your "priority problems" to solve. I'll architect a marketing strategy and/or campaign designed to reach your goals. 


Perhaps your marketing is in need of some TLC and "fresh thinking." I'll help you ideate ways to generate more revenue or increase a specific KPI.


Great marketing requires teamwork.

Now that you have a front-end strategist, let's find your day-to-day team of doers. 

Great marketing teams not only generate ideas but also execute them flawlessly. To support the doing part (so I can focus on upfront strategy and direction), I've built an impressive network of independent consultants and niche agencies to support my clients with a broad range of services. Depending on your unique needs, it's highly likely we can connect you to the right resources.  

  • Your UNagency, a multi-disciplined consultant network who specialize in marketing, communications, talent development, and more

  • Full Circle Lead, a Diamond-Level HubSpot partner that implements lead generation programs using HubSpot marketing & sales automation software


Together we can...


Form new strategies to grow your business.


Find creative ways to attract, engage or retain more buyers. 


Architect a program to build stronger relationships with key audiences. 

What Others Will Tell You 


Heather's marketing strategy, knowledge of marketing automation and understanding of marketing and sales alignment is incredible. It truly felt like she was a fellow colleague as we transformed our business with the implementation of HubSpot.

Danielle Stevens
Dir. Business Development

Heather is one of those rare individuals in today’s business world. She takes the time to understand your needs and executes the required results. She has the ability to bring the best of old and new technology to any business opportunity.

Rockford Abbett
Vice President of Sales
NOVA Marketing

Heather's creative energy is contagious. Her leadership style is all about empowering competent people to execute on the marketing strategies she develops. I love that she involves team members in the decision-making process, too, which keeps everyone engaged.

Megan Vogel
Marketing Consultant and former team member
Colibri Group



Organize your marketing programs — and communicate more effectively with free marketing templates.




I'd love to hear about your business and discuss how I can help you.

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