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Business Leaders have spoken.

More than 100 business leaders* shared their thoughts on the strategies, channels and trends impacting business growth in our inaugural The Voice of Business Leaders survey.


Below is a summary of what they shared, what we found most interesting and how business leaders can use this information to make data-driven business decisions.  

What We Found

Business Growth Remains a Top Priority

The pandemic definitely impacted business priorities, but the majority of companies remain focused on growth.

Strategic Partnerships Rise in Importance

Collaboration with companies that can provide more value and broaden reach are a top priority for marketing teams.  

Leaders Desire a Deeper Purpose in Their Work

Covid-19 has caused leaders to evaluate their professional contributions and aspects of their personal lives. 

Digital Channels
Reign Supreme

Websites, email and social media continue to top the list on most used and  most effective channels across B2B and B2C; adding events to B2B. 

The Talent "War"
is Happening

Companies that offer flexibility, fair compensation and make employees feel appreciated will win, as hiring increases and demands rise.

Business is Personal 
for Hiring Help 

Warm referrals are just as important as an Internet search when looking for resources to support business and marketing efforts.

Top Growth Opportunities 

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Key Statistics

Our survey asked a variety of questions ranging from the biggest challenges leaders currently face to how the pandemic impacted them both professionally and personally. 



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