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7 Marketing Tools You Need Now

Updated: Jan 4

The holidays are here so I thought I’d share a Marketer’s take on the classic “Favorite Things.”

It was tough to pare down the list, but here are seven marketing tools I use most and could not function without.

Up first is my all-time favorite content creation tool: Canva

While many of us are trained in Adobe’s creative suite, Canva requires little more skill than an eye for “on brand” items and the ability to add brand colors.

With countless templates across every sizing/channel imaginable, Canva gives marketing teams access to everything they need to get their content game up and running.

Canva Pro costs ~$112 for the year, making it one of the best investments any small biz can make on their content program.

Next on the list, I dare you to try Adobe Lightroom with presets from Light & Airy Photo and not completely swoon.

You can be a mediocre at best photographer and turn your feed into a beautiful piece of art with this dynamic duo.

The presets are EASY to install and come with thorough instructions.

Every marketer should be well acquainted with Google Analytics.

The desktop version is obviously more robust and takes quite a bit of exposure to master.

However, the mobile app is amazing for setting up dashboards and staying on top of business performance on the go.

Perhaps my favorite productivity tool of all time is Calendly.

This tool is a time-saving miracle that allows you to curate multiple calendars into a single source of truth of your availability.

▫️Schedule meetings easily

▫️Guard your personal time

▫️Set up simple automations for kick off, mentorship or catch up meetings of any kind

This tool is a must for any consultant or marketer who loathes the back and forth of finding mutually available times.

Plus it’s insanely affordable.

Have you visited ReallyGoodEmails.com before?

If yes, then YOU already know 😜

If no, then bookmark it right now!

RGE is a source of inspiration for anyone who emails. From templates and visual examples to helpful newsletters and #emailmarketing best practices.

It’s a must for any marketer.

Next up is Lucidchart.

You can use Lucidchart to visualize everything from a new website architecture to a nurture workflow to a robust multi-channel product launch strategy.

It comes with pre-made templates plus a plethora of customizations and so many more add-ons like doc-sharing, cloud storage, collaborations tools, and so on and so forth.

It’s a must have for any marketer.

Last (for this round) but certainly not least is Preview.

It’s a must for anyone who manages an Instagram channel and likes to flex #creative muscles on your Insta-grid.

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