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How to Set Simple Goals & Feel More Accomplished

January is the month for fresh starts and big dreams. Everywhere you look, there are lists of shoulds, hopes, options, and considerations to give you a bigger, better year. Whether it's personal or business, it's the perfect time to set your intentions on 'all the things' that will make you more [insert word of choice: i.e. happy, successful, productive] in 2021.

This year, I decided to make my Goals Worksheet available for a free download here. (I'm not even requiring an email address!)

My approach is intentionally simple:

  1. Select 3 overarching priorities for the year. Any more and and it's hard to build new habits, which are the ultimate driver of real change IMHO.

  2. Make commitments along with tangible activities and a timeframe. Define the things you will do and how frequently to make your focus areas measurable.

  3. Review weekly. Life happens, so keep this document (I use Google Docs) easily accessible and reference it regularly.

That's it.

If you access my free Goals Worksheet, it also comes with example tabs that contain my personal and business goals for 2021. Call me crazy, but I figured if I made mine "public" there's an added level of accountability, which is a helpful tactic for me.

I'd love to know if you find this template useful and your intentions for 2021. You can follow me on IG @heatherbartelmarketing or shoot me a message.


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